Horribly Sunny

No point of view is safe… from the Sun.

Horribly Sunny 09

Horribly Sunny is a new rock musical based on and featuring the music of Two Apple Tobacco.

Created and performed by Two Apple Tobacco and Seven Tyrants Theatre, Horribly Sunny is the story a powerful media mogul and financial player who, through a series of unexpected crises, begins to question his ways. Over the course of a seemingly average network news day, we meet a host of electrifying characters as we delve into the most conniving and embarrassing recesses of humanity. Be it global climate change or your neighbourhood sex den, Horribly Sunny is a comprehensive exposure of today.

Phase 1: 2009 Workshop

For three weeks in July 2009, Two Apple Tobacco and Seven Tyrants Theatre spearheaded a preliminary workshop of Horribly Sunny. During this workshop, we worked closely with Seven Tyrants Theatre to find the essence of a theatrical structure spanning our songs.

Horribly Sunny 09

The 2009 workshop involved Daniel Deorksen, Kayla Deorksen, Jessica Harvey, Jordan Kling, Courtney Lancaster, David Newham, Courtney So and Vern Shewchuk. It included a free showing of the phase’s discoveries featuring Two Apple Tobacco live.

Check out some photos from the 2009 workshop!


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