Squinter’s Paradise

Want to hear what the end sounds like?

Two Apple Tobacco presents:

A Mini Pan-Apocalyptic Jazz-Rock Opera.

Squinter's Paradise

In 8 songs, Squinter’s Paradise recounts the near-future escapades of an average guy from an innocuous seaside town. After losing everything in a Katrina-esque disaster, he flees to the “farthest place inland” – namely, Squinter’s Paradise: a waterless, dust-filled oasis for sea-rise refugees. He soon realizes, however, that between the squabbling of the Yokally Locals, the daily attacks from Elephants and Crows and the nefarious initiatives of the corporate Rough Riders, life in Squinter’s Paradise may be just as tough as by the shrinking seaside.

Two Apple Tobacco’s FIRST full-length album, Squinter’s Paradise is set to be released in the spring of 2013.

As a 40-minute suite, Squinter’s Paradise is designed to be transportable to any typical musical engagement. It is also designed to be performed live entirely by the members of Two Apple Tobacco. Come see TAT live sometime, and you may just be taken to Squinter’s Paradise yourself. After all, as Brother-Cousin Donny says: “you’re one of us now”….

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