Indie Pop Series, Feb 24 2012

From our performance at VanMusic's Indie Pop Series, Feb 24 2012. Photos by Tizoc Flores.

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The British Ex, 2011/12

From our performances at VanMusic's Indie Pop Series, Dec 30 2011 & Jan 13 2012

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The Backstage Lounge, October 2011

From our performance at the Red Square Fundraiser on October 18, 2011

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In the Studio, May/June 2011

From our session at The Hive Creative Labs in Vancouver, May 30, 31 & June 2, 2011

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The Penthouse, Jan 2011

From our premiere of the music from Squinter's Paradise at The Penthouse, Jan 30 2011

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The Penthouse, May 2010

From our showcase at The Penthouse, taken by Robyn Hanson of Guttersnipe News

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The Purple Crab, Jan 2010

From our performance at 'Purple Crab goes Megagenta for Fushian'

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The Penthouse, Dec 2009

Some photos from our holiday concert in December 2009

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The Penthouse, Oct 2009

From our show at The Penthouse in October 2009

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Horribly Sunny, July 2009

Seven Tyrants Theatre and Two Apple Tobacco workshop a new rock musical in July 2009

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The Yale, May 2009

Some photos from our show at The Yale Hotel in Vancouver in May 2009

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Shindig 2006

One photo from our gig at the Railway Club during Shindig 2006

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The Basement

Two Apple Tobacco in rehearsal

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