Daniel Deorksen

Daniel Deorksen

Daniel Deorksen is a Vancouver-based writer, actor, producer, composer and musician. A graduate of UBC with a BFA in Theatre, Dan is Co-Artistic Producer of Seven Tyrants Theatre, Executive Director of Synergy at Play Productions and a co-founder of Two Apple Tobacco.

Studying music from an early age, Dan has received formal training in piano as well as in Jazz and Classical guitar. He has also studied percussion, banjo, bass, ukulele, cello, trumpet and clarinet.

In addition to projects with Two Apple Tobacco, Dan’s compositions have been featured in many Vancouver productions, including Bad King John (Seven Tyrants Theatre) The Devil and Billy Markham (2009 Chutzpah Festival), Dog Eat Dog (The Only Animal), Bull in a China Shop (Felix Culpa), The Dunsmuirs (Sea Theatre) Northville (Synergy At Play) and the upcoming feature film Everything Louder Than Everything Else (Obsolete Films).

Dan is also the creator and performer of The Bucky Show, an all-ages multi-media theatrical event based on the life and work of 20th-Century inventor R. Buckminster Fuller. The Bucky Show tackles today’s most pressing economic, political and environmental issues using Bucky’s elegant grand-scale conceptioning.


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