“a wonderfully creative band”

– Adam Graham (Evolution Radio 107.9, Vancouver)

Two Apple Tobacco on the cover of the Courier

“Two Apple Tobacco is

a bright beacon of weirdness.”

– Shawn Conner (FULL REVIEW at GuttersnipeNews)

“explosive show

with a sound that is very Zappa-esq….one side of the band was making Elephant like sounds the other side crow sounds. This band smoked The British ex leaving everyone relaxed and satisfied.”

– Joseph Sloan (FULL REVIEW at SloanBones)

“I’m impressed.

…I’d keep an eye on this band, and try to make it out for their next show.”

– Lauren Eldridge (FULL REVIEW at BackstageVancouver)

Two Apple Tobacco in the Courier

“Well meaning, talented, and excellent lyrics.”

“Musicianship is solid. Nice energy and vox are well utilized.”

“Good groove and I liked the way you connected with the crowd.”

“Certainly risky, but often the biggest risk means the biggest reward….It’s a very interesting position to be in, and kudos to you for finding it.”

– anonymous judges (2006 Shindig Battle of the Bands)

“The bands this year were all unique, and a lot of them were very off-putting. I loved them for that. The band that fit that description especially well were night five competitors, Two Apple Tobacco.

They drove me as far as I could go upon hearing them for the first time. That’s usually a good thing for me.

If it takes a while to appreciate a band’s sound, it’s been proven that I will like them better in the long run. They sounded like a cross between The Molestics and Les Georges Leningrad. They put quite an emphasis on the sounds of ragtime and old tunes of yore, and then they beat on it for a good while.”

– Chris-a-riffic (Discorder Magazine, Shindig 2006 article)

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